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Everyone Should Have An Emergency Slice of Pizza

…so forget about the donuts you see on the left and the fried egg in the background on the right, don’t let those distract you.  Focus on the blue box with the single slice of pizza.  Put one in a blue box just like this and tuck it on the left side on the second shelf in the fridge.   I say, Let that become the standard all across
America.  In these troubled times, we need something of consistency and I say, let it be pizza.

It could possibly save your life late at night when you’re starving and don’t know quite what you want to eat.  It’s good hot or cold and can last for days.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack…it doesn’t matter.  Pizza is always good.  😉

Carve Out A Few Minutes Each Day To Handle Difficult Projects

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Do you have a big project in your life or business that you’ve been putting off tackling because it’s just too big and would take up more time than you have to dedicate to it right now?  Putting it off is “a” solution but it may not be the “right” solution.

Consider chipping away at it a little bit at a time.  Carving out a few (more…)

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I like Bernie, but I’m More on Team Jill Now

When we first started out, Bernie was indeed the leader and starter of the political revolution.  And, hands down, he’s a great fighter for justice (when he directs his energy and focus).  Which is, for the life of me, why I can’t figure out his near obsession on bringing change through the Democratic Party.  It’s like he’s stuck and can’t break free.  As someone indicated before, If you need help breaking away Bernie, just blink three times– we got you. Otherwise Bruh, it’s a lost cause.  Democrats ain’t tryin’ to hear what you tryin’ to say.

I remember during the election (and probably even now), Jill Stein was willing to (more…)


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Are You looking for a New eReader? Meet Kobo

LinkShare: Kobo

Image: Kobo Site

The New Kobo eBook  reader is pretty nice I hear.  I was looking at some of the online reviews and users seemed to like the devices a lot!

They were designed with open platform because, according to company literature, they believe people should be able to read how they want.  With Kobo devices, most eBook platforms are supported (EPUB3, EPUB, and PDF); they are easy to use; and the screen is said to read like print on a page.  Kobo also has one of the largest eBookstores–offering millions of titles.  Are you interested?  Visit Kobo to see if they have something that’s right for you!  Get a $5 credit Today.  Also, Kobo Aura H2O – the first premium eReader to have a waterproof* and dustproof design!

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