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Spirit to Spirit

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." --St. John 4:24 I wanted to write about this verse, but initially, I was stumped.  Jesus had said it ...

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Down Home July 2017

Earlier this month, me and my jeep, Mabel, took a trip down to Windsor, NC for a family reunion.  It was great to see family and people in the community.  We even went for a ...

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Carve Out A Few Minutes Each Day To Handle Difficult Projects

Do you have a big project in your life or business that you’ve been putting off tackling because it’s just too big and would take up more time than you have to dedicate to it ...

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New Site from the Bern: Sanders Institute

I received a cool email today from Jane O. Sanders...[or some of her people] about an institute that they were starting up.  I checked it out... the Sanders Institute.  It looked like it had good ...

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Image: NASA photo

Why Haven't We Been Back to The Moon?

In preparing to write another travel article for a client, I got side tracked and wandered off down a proverbial rabbit hole.   So yes, now, I too want to know why we haven't been ...

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Healthier Eating: The Boiled Egg Sandwich

What count's as healthier eating?  I guess any change is good--even small ones.  For me, it was a boiled egg and cheese sandwich sometimes instead of a fried egg and cheese sandwich.  It was actually ...

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I’m Not a Fan of Self-Driving Cars or Self-Aware Robots

...So, I just wanna say, I'm a big fan of technology...but not so much of 'Self-Driving' cars.   As I have said time and time again, I think technology should assist us...not replace us or the ...

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There are more than just Republicans and Democrats in America

On the real, I'm tired of hearing and watching shows that refer to "Americans" as either being Republican or Democrat.   Update your lexicon.  Stop being lazy and add a few more parties to your political ...

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Festivals and Events

October 2016 - August 2017:  Festivals and Events.  This is a quick post for the site  Find the festival or event near you!  Local information.  Local travel.  You can find various events and festivals ...

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Is Social Media in Your Business DNA?

We know that in general, people like to share.  It predates the now social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Writing letters, taking pictures, telephone conversations and home movies were then the platforms ...

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The SnapChat Rush

So, what do I think about Snapchat?  Well, I'm glad that they are doing well in the market.  Kudos.  If I had the cash to put in the stock, I'd heavily consider getting some.  But, ...

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Military Veterans Resource Center, Columbus OH

I was in Columbus, OH visiting over the holidays and ran across a great resource for Military Veterans when I went for a walk in ‘teen-degree weather.  It’s called the Military Veterans Resource Center.   I ...

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Fear Not, Keep It Moving

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of ...

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Why is Flint Still Flint?

We’re going on a few years now talking about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Mr. Rick Snyder is still Governor; the water is still a poison brown in color—and apparently still causing rashes (according ...

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Ohio Festivals Starting Up in March 2017

Spring is starting up and in Ohio, so are the festivals.  I've been in Columbus for a few weeks now, and I must say it's been a very nice experience catching up with my son, ...

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Jasmine Tea Leaves aren't that bad...

I went on a little exploring adventure today.  As you know, I started exercising…again.  I actually ran for the first time --in a l-o-n-g time.  I felt like I was back in the military…almost.  ANYway..., ...

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Fridays with Booj & Bruh

I'm adding programming to the broadcast! In case you didn't know, the online broadcast is up and running.  "Fridays with Booj & Bruh"  is set to be a variety talk show that is scheduled to ...

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The ol' Guacamole - Wasabi Trick

...for some odd reason, I thought the menu said something about a fish sandwich instead of sushi, but it was still good.  And that green stuff, lol... (for some reason) I thought was "guacamole"...  My ...

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Ideas on what to do with old cell phones

I had several old cell phones lying around and thought I would put them to use.  It was an unspoken policy of mine not to buy a phone over $120 after I discovered that the ...

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Image: Pic I took when I went to Cali. Real Cool. I want to go back...soon.

I thought I would share..

It's sometimes hard to figure out what to share and when to share it. Since I'm caring less, and want to venture more in 2017, I thought this would be a good time to start. ...

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Image: Google Twitter/Instagram

Twitter v. Instagram et al

Although I can use both, I struggled with which platform to use more, Twitter or Instagram.  Ladies and gentleman, the undisputed champ in my book is ….. TWITTER! There's a lot to be said in 140 ...

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Ensuring the Right to Vote …Every Time

So, what if you're not a Republican or a Democrat?  But, you are still an American right?  That means we should have the right to vote in every election.  I'm okay with the Republicans and ...

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Who Are Your People?

I found this video while tooling around on the internet, researching a writing project.  One thing led to another and … well, here we are.  It’s time for you-- no, us to Rethink our Heritage... ...

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Ernie and a Lot of Good People in Beckley

My trip to North Carolina this time ended up being an extended trip because me and Mabel broke down.  ☹… But, because of family support and good people—everything turned out alright. ;-) I’ve only mentioned Mabel ...

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Update and Direction

...whenever you see a picture like this, you oughta know by now something is up.  ;)  Just wanted to let you know that originally, I thought making longer blog entries here would be what I ...

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Web Cams Jam

Updated:  March 23rd --  a beautiful day at the beach!... wish I were there.  Web cams are great! --------------------- Updated:  March 18th -- it looks kinda of dreary out today from the beach cam... but I really ...

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